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Chub Rub

A Painful Secret

A couple of weeks ago, a group of us were having brunch when someone brought up the subject of “chub rub”.  It’s when your thighs rub together and the friction causes such a burning sensation that you think you’re on fire.  And, it’s not just your thighs.  It can also happen on your inner arms.  The unavoidable chafing makes moving around unbearable.

I could tell by the some of the looks at the table that it wasn’t a topic that everyone was comfortable discussing.  I know it’s a pretty personal issue, but so many women suffer in silence, and you shouldn’t have to suffer alone.   It’s not even a weight thing because even the thinner girls had issues with rubbing.

We ended up having a great discussion about products that helps alleviate the chaffing.  I shared some of my favorite products and learned of a few new ones to try.

Here are my favorites and the ones I’ve used:

  1. Bodyglide for Her Anti-Chafing Stick – Looks like a deodorant stick.  It’s great for all day protection and has never let me down.
  2. Monistat Sooth Care Powder Gel – Only used this a couple times, but had good success with it.  It’s a bit pricey.
  3. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly – Cheap and it works, but can be a bit messy.
  4. Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel – It’s very similar to the Monistat.

Here are the products that were new to me:

  1. Chafe-Away Medicated Healing Balm – My friend loves it and swears by it.
  2. Spanx Simplicty Girl Shaper Shorts – Great to wear under skirts and dresses.  I’m definitely giving these a try.
  3. Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick (unscented) – Sounds like the same as the Bodyglide for Her, but a few dollars cheaper.  Willing to give it a try and maybe save a few bucks.

I wanted to let our Curvy Angle blog readers know that none of the products listed were give to me or my friends to try.  This is purely women telling other women what they’ve tried and what works for them.

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Tim Gunn Fights For Us

We Need More Voices Like His

Tim Gunn is once again using his voice and his clout to fight for the plus-size community.  He is appalled at the lack of stylish, plus-size clothing.

“When I’m working in the real world with real women and we’re shopping, we find that fashion seems to end when you get any larger than a size 12,” Gunn told The Huffington Post. “How ridiculous is that?”

Tim, who has been a mentor on Project Runway for twelve seasons, goes on to tell about the frustration he feels when the designers do the “real women” challenges on the show.  He tries to help designers to become more open minded about producing clothes beyond the runway.

“I’ve had my own moments in front of designers when I’ve actually said, ‘You know, there’s a market here for expanding your work, and here it is,’” Gunn told us. “And frankly, there are two markets: The women who are larger than the 12, and then there are women who are petite. And most designers that I talk to have absolutely no interest in addressing either of those populations, which I find repugnant.”

It’s amazing to me that stores and designers don’t expand the sizes in order to sell to me.  I’ve heard all the arguments. The most infuriating excuse is that they say it costs more to produce plus-size clothing.  The manufactures need to use more material, thread, buttons, etc. and they say all those things add up.  To make it cost effective they would have to charge more for the larger clothes.  Retailers and designers are afraid that we would be offended to have to pay more.

There may be some that would take offense, but if you think about it, we already pay more.  We can’t find what we need in stores, so we have to shop online.  That means we have to pay shipping, which is $10 to $20 added to every order.  How great would it be to be able to go to the mall and find what we need like everybody else.

We, as a community and the buying public, need to keep raising our voices to be heard.  We want high quality, high fashion,  and well designed clothes.  The designers need to know we have money to spend and are willing to spend it.  Ours is as good as anyone else’s.

Excerpts from The Huffington Post

Photo via Project Runway

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Diesel Finds Models Using Social Media

The clothing brand Diesel has stepped out of the box with their new ad campaign.  They decided not to go with the typical waif-like models.  Instead they took to tumbler and found plus-size and androgynous models.

This was Nicola Formichetti’s first Diesel campaign as the brand’s new artistic director.  He relied on social media and word of mouth to find 20 people of all shapes and sizes who lived in New York and work in artistic fields.

The campaign features people like Michelle Calderon who is a 22-year-old pink-haired graffiti artist.  Her wild hair and tattoo’s look perfect in Diesel clothes.  She just happens to be plus size. They use Helen Primack, a 15-year-old aqua-haired aspiring filmmaker and student at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in New York.  There is also Benjamin Ackermann, a 23-year-old photographer, musician and collage artist.

They do throw a couple of models into the mix like Loulou Robert, Omahyra Mota and Casey Legler.  Casey Legler is the former Olympic swimmer who broke gender barriers  as a woman being contracted as a male model.

Diesel has always had an edge to its clothing line.  It’s can be very rock-n-roll, but it’s also has an everyday street look.  The Reboot campaign conjures up images from The Outsiders.  The brand has always done a great job giving you a look that seems to be wild and maybe, just a bit dangerous.

Kudos goes to Diesel for finding real people, with real lives, and in real sizes.  It’s great to see them embrace the fact that everyone loves to look cool, no matter what your size.

Photos by Diesel

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Rebel Wilson

Gets New Fall TV Show

If you’ve been craving more Rebel Wilson then buckle up for her new ABC show Super Fun Night.  Not only she is she starring in it, but she’s the creator, a producer, and a writer for the show.

Junior attorney Kimmie Boubier (Rebel Wilson) and her two best friends Helen-Alice (Liza Lapira) and Marika (Lauren Ash) have a standing Friday night date for the past 13years.  Kimmie’s recent promotion throws a monkey wrench into the tradition.  Her boss wants here to step up her networking and she also wants to spend more time with a sexy co-worker.  She convinces her friends to change up their “Friday Night Fun Night” in order to deal with more upscale clubs.

She was quoted on ET saying, “We are the anti-Sex and the City.  I mean, these girls have no fashion sense. They don’t get laid, and they eat real food,” she said about the three main characters. “When you see us walking down the street we’re not like Carrie Bradshaw. We’re like, real girls.”

Rebel understands that she is looked at as a role model because she is a plus size woman in film and on television.  She commented, in an article for, about physical fitness, “I’m trying to get physically fit so I’ll have the stamina. I got a personal trainer. I’m not doing it to look great or whatever, but to have the energy to do all that work. People wouldn’t think it looking at me, but I can exercise!”

Rebel has definitely been making her mark with movies like Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids.  It will be great to see this Australia native on a weekly basis.  Her comedy is a fresh, no holds barred type and she will do anything for a laugh.

I look forward to see her on television this fall.  She is a super funny lady and an inspiration to all us curvy girls.

Photo by ABC

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Lululemon Shuns Larger Sizes In Their Stores

Consumer Advocates Want Change

High-end athletic retailer, Lululemon, has been feeling some heat from consumer advocates.  Advocates feel that there is a lack of support for the larger sizes that they carry.  Lululemon is best known for their $98 stretch yoga pants.  Their fans are loyal and plentiful.

A former employee told Huffington Post reporter Kim Bhasin about the contrasting ways the popular yoga pants are displayed.  The smaller sizes are promoted in the most valuable parts of the store, while the 10s and the 12s were relegated to a separate area at the back of the store or even thrown into heaps or piles.

Consumer advocates are claiming that Lululemon is shunning away plus size shoppers by not making these sizes accessible to their customers.

Let’s get one thing straight, size 10 and 12 are regular sizes, not plus sizes.  Lululemon does not cater to the plus sized community and has never claimed to offer our sizes.  I think the only thing are guilty of is marginalizing their own larger customers. Now, do I think they are wrong to do it?  Of course!

They claim that they don’t sell enough of those sizes to put them out in the premium selling space.  So, the question is why sell them at all?  If that’s truly the case, then why are they producing a product size that doesn’t sell?

Retailers usually operate in their own best interest.  They enter into business to make money for providing products and services.  That’s their purgative. However, if they make the conscious decision to offer extended sizes in order to attract or accommodate a larger woman, then they need to embrace the fact that she is shopping in their store.  They need to put those sizes with all the other sizes and not have them in a back corner.  A size 2 woman is not going care if the yoga pants are offered in a size 12 and vice versa.

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