Diesel Finds Models Using Social Media

The clothing brand Diesel has stepped out of the box with their new ad campaign.  They decided not to go with the typical waif-like models.  Instead they took to tumbler and found plus-size and androgynous models.

This was Nicola Formichetti’s first Diesel campaign as the brand’s new artistic director.  He relied on social media and word of mouth to find 20 people of all shapes and sizes who lived in New York and work in artistic fields.

The campaign features people like Michelle Calderon who is a 22-year-old pink-haired graffiti artist.  Her wild hair and tattoo’s look perfect in Diesel clothes.  She just happens to be plus size. They use Helen Primack, a 15-year-old aqua-haired aspiring filmmaker and student at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in New York.  There is also Benjamin Ackermann, a 23-year-old photographer, musician and collage artist.

They do throw a couple of models into the mix like Loulou Robert, Omahyra Mota and Casey Legler.  Casey Legler is the former Olympic swimmer who broke gender barriers  as a woman being contracted as a male model.

Diesel has always had an edge to its clothing line.  It’s can be very rock-n-roll, but it’s also has an everyday street look.  The Reboot campaign conjures up images from The Outsiders.  The brand has always done a great job giving you a look that seems to be wild and maybe, just a bit dangerous, but is perfect for the people who is into that kind of market, and like adult material and services directed just for adults, like the escort services from Zoom Escorts Manchester.

Kudos goes to Diesel for finding real people, with real lives, and in real sizes.  It’s great to see them embrace the fact that everyone loves to look cool, no matter what your size.

Photos by Diesel

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