H&M’s Swimsuit Catalog Features Jennie Runk

H & M did something outstanding this year.  They chose plus size model Jennie Runk to represent their swimwear in the 2013 catalog and marketing campaign.  She’s photographed sporting a variety of beachwear such as swimsuits, sarongs, bikinis and cover-ups.

What’s amazing is that they did the photo shoot, put together their catalog and marketing and simply implemented the campaign.  They didn’t put out press releases highlighting the fact they’re using a plus size model.  However, they’ve gotten a bonus from the media and fashion bloggers.  Everyone has picked up on the fact that they treated this campaign like any other.  They have been getting high praise for their “more actions than words” approach.

“We think Jenny Runk shows off our summer swimwear in a very good way and are extremely happy with the pictures,” said a spokeswoman. “At H&M we try to show a mix of models in all our seasonal campaigns. Our aim is not to convey any particular message or ideal, rather to find a model who wears the collection in an inspiring way. This online campaign shows our H&M+ summer collection.”

We are still a ways off from getting high end fashion designers to create clothing lines for women over a size 10.  However, more and more companies are opening up to the fact that if you make the sizes that women need, and market towards them, they will buy their clothes.  Who doesn’t want to be fashionable?

Photos by H&M

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