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Size Acceptance | A Body DiagramWe’re really excited about the way the plus size community is joining us in our Lingerie Loves Your Curves charity blogathon. Size acceptance and self esteem are the two of the most crucial traits we can develop to help us be happy in our lives. If we can raise awareness of issues like size discrimination and the untruths of the diet industry, we can have a powerful voice is the direction that society is headed.

Today I want to share some of the contributions we’re getting from others who also see the importance of this fight.

Tonight, I’m going to be a featured guest on Plus Model Radio! Host Chenise Lewis and I will talk about the blogathon and about size discrimination. If you haven’t checked out her radio show before, her show is a veritable “who’s who” of the plus community. The show airs at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST, so listen in and let me know what you think!

Deah Schwartz posted an entry called From Shame-Full to Shame-Less on her blog Leftovers to Go. Her heartfelt admission of how shame directed her life is something that rings true to me (and you’ll probably recognize yourself in it, too). She recommends a SHAME FAST where you let go of feeling bad about your body and your self. Working on size acceptance isn’t easy, but the benefits are definitely worth the work.

Monique Fausto of Curves and Chaos has written Size and Self-Acceptance Starts with You. She talks about how important the teenage years are to our development of self-esteem, bringing up the big influence that fashion teen magazines have over us in those years. If we can get the media to start portraying women without doctoring the photos and to start using women who are of a HEALTHY weight, the plus size community can change the way our sisters and daughters grow up.

Cynthia at Fat Girl Escapades has written several great blog posts in honor of the blogathon, but my favorite is Did You See that Hawt Fluffy on TV? Cynthia talks about how, even though her self-esteem is pretty well in tact, she recognizes the forces that try to chip away at it– television shows (yes, even the ones we laud for including plus size characters), grocery stores (diet foods everywhere promising to make you FEEL better), and retail stores that either put plus size Baby in the corner or exclude her all together. Size acceptance can be really hard in the face of all of the ways we’re “told” (explicitly and implicitly) that we’re not beautiful or good enough.

If you’re part of the plus size community and you’re not already familiar with these awesome women, get to know them! They’ve said all the things I want to say with honesty, grace, and a willingness to fight the difficult fight. I’ll dish on a few more posts tomorrow!

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