Lululemon Shuns Larger Sizes In Their Stores

Consumer Advocates Want Change

High-end athletic retailer, Lululemon, has been feeling some heat from consumer advocates.  Advocates feel that there is a lack of support for the larger sizes that they carry.  Lululemon is best known for their $98 stretch yoga pants.  Their fans are loyal and plentiful.

A former employee told Huffington Post reporter Kim Bhasin about the contrasting ways the popular yoga pants are displayed.  The smaller sizes are promoted in the most valuable parts of the store, while the 10s and the 12s were relegated to a separate area at the back of the store or even thrown into heaps or piles.

Consumer advocates are claiming that Lululemon is shunning away plus size shoppers by not making these sizes accessible to their customers.

Let’s get one thing straight, size 10 and 12 are regular sizes, not plus sizes.  Lululemon does not cater to the plus sized community and has never claimed to offer our sizes.  I think the only thing are guilty of is marginalizing their own larger customers. Now, do I think they are wrong to do it?  Of course!

They claim that they don’t sell enough of those sizes to put them out in the premium selling space.  So, the question is why sell them at all?  If that’s truly the case, then why are they producing a product size that doesn’t sell?

Retailers usually operate in their own best interest.  They enter into business to make money for providing products and services.  That’s their purgative. However, if they make the conscious decision to offer extended sizes in order to attract or accommodate a larger woman, then they need to embrace the fact that she is shopping in their store.  They need to put those sizes with all the other sizes and not have them in a back corner.  A size 2 woman is not going care if the yoga pants are offered in a size 12 and vice versa.

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