Plus size woman documents running the NYC Marathon

Emily Berl for The New York Times

A friend of mine recently sent me this article from a plus size woman who was training to finish the NYC Marathon at the beginning of November.  I’ve done a couple of 1/2 marathons myself (I prefer the run/walk method which is much easier on my joints than straight running), and I can’t imagine doing twice that- 26.2 miles seems crazy to me.

But I was really inspired by this woman’s admission that she felt like quitting because her time would put her only slightly in front of the “loser van,” the car that travels and picks up runners who are “too slow” for the course.

At the end of the article, her self-esteem shines through when she says about her inner-runner:

“Then, suddenly, I realized: I like her. A lot. She’s never given up on me. I may not have a runner’s body, but I have a runner’s heart.”

We all have marathons in our lives– relationships to keep alive, kids (and parents) to keep happy, jobs that require more of our attention every day, friends we don’t want to lose tough with.  And many of us (well, actually, I think it’s all of us) doubt ourselves at one time or another.  For plus size women especially, we tend to see our bodies as a problem that we struggle with, and we forget too often that we are beautiful inside AND outside, too.

So if you’re feeling down, read this article and consider your own marathon, and give yourself the needed push to get it done.  And by the way, she finished the race!

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