Valentine’s Plus Size Lingerie: Our Favorite in Red Babydoll

For the next four Fridays, we’re going to feature some of our favorite Valentine’s plus size lingerie.  Today, we’re featuring a super-cute babydoll set that’s guaranteed to make hearts race.  We’ll let you in on a secret: it’s called My Favorite in Red Babydoll Set for a reason! The stretch lace bodice gives you support […]

Christmas is coming!

Are you going to be on Santa’s naughty list or his nice list?  Either way, plus size lingerie is a great gift for Christmas– whether it comes from your romantic partner, your friends, or your family.  With that in mind, we’ve put up our Christmas category, featuring our plus size babydolls, plus size chemises, plus […]

Fall for Fall Colors

I’ve been catching up with Project Runway (one of my favorite shows) and I was happy to see the most recent episode discuss the hot colors for fall.  Here’s a selection of our plus size lingerie in the four hottest color trends for fall: Animal Prints: We have several animal print items, including a plus […]

New Product: Tabitha Babydoll Set

One of the reasons I love our business is that we’re multi-generational.  Because we’re a mother/daughter team, Mom always chooses things she’d like to wear, and I choose things I’d like to wear.  This Tabitha babydoll set is something I can’t wait to wear– it’s young and fresh and colorful! Contrasting pink lace and embroidery make this turquoise […]

Babydolls: Perfect In Black Babydoll Set

Here’s our last featured babydoll set, Perfect in Black.  And we really do think it’s perfect.  When we look for lingerie to bring to our customers, we look for the kinds of features we love.  Underwire.  Adjustable straps.  Soft fabric (in this case, chiffon).  Showing a little without showing it all.  Matching panties.  Something you […]

Babydolls: Black Cupless Babydoll Set

Every woman needs at least one piece of plus size lingerie that’s really racy– and our Black Cupless Babydoll is just perfect for that.   To give your bodice a lift, it has an underwire shelf-cut lace bra that comes just halfway up (a little shorter than a demi-cup) to show off your best assets! This isn’t a babydoll for sleeping […]