Lingerie Loves Your Curves Shout Outs, Part Two!

Yesterday I shared some of the Lingerie Loves Your Curves charity blogathon posts others have shared with us in my plus size community shout outs. Today, I want to keep spreading the love and reflecting on the things I’m learning from reading about others’ journeys to self acceptance and learning new techniques to help spread […]

Love Your Curves Spotlight: Curves and Chaos

As we gear up for our size acceptance charity drive, Lingerie Loves Your Curves, we’ll highlight some of the people and companies who are joining us in the fight for size acceptance and self-esteem. Today, we’re going to highlight a post from one of my favorite bloggers, Monique of Curves and Chaos. Monique recently wrote […]

Check out Big Girl Runway!

At February’s Curvy Revolution, I was introduced to Big Girl Runway, a great blog for the curvy fashionista. The women I met, Jessica, Emily, and Stephanie, wore great outfits all weekend and had even better personalities– these two things combine to make their blog positive, fun, and super-fashionable! One thing I really like about BGR […]

Another great review: Our Vivacious Chemise

We got another fabulous review from Intimate Guide, this time about Our Vivacious Chemise, one of our About Curves exclusive items (you can only buy it here!).  Here are a few lines from the review: “Since getting the “Our Vivacious Chemise” from About Curves it has quickly become my first choice in sleepwear. Normally I […]

The meaning behind calling plus size women “real”

In a recent article on the Huffington Post, Starre Vartan objected to referring to plus size women as “real.”  She objects specifically to Dove’s campaign for “real beauty,” as well as the insinuation that if plus size women are “real,” skinny women are not.  Here’s part of her article: Over the last few years I’ve noticed the […]

Reason 4: Plus Size Fashion Bloggers

4. There are tons of awesome plus size bloggers out there who write about fashion.  They make for great reading about plus size life, outfit ideas, fashion tips, etc.  The fact that they update on a regular basis gives me something to look forward to, and I’m always impressed by the knowledge that they’re real women, […]

First Reason Plus Size Women Should Love the Internet

You know, About Curves has gotten involved in so many different aspects of the web recently– Facebook (About Curves | Plus Size Lingerie); Twitter (aboutcurves); Google Buzz (– plus blogging regularly, and I’ll admit that at the beginning, I wasn’t too convinced that it was worth the effort. In modern society, we spend a lot of time sorting […]