Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, we’re especially thankful for all of our customers– for the positive feedback you provide us about our plus size lingerie, for your thanks that we use plus size models, for your likes and comments that keep us entertained on Facebook and Twitter, and for being real.  When we started this business in 2001, it was generally considered shameful to […]

Elle Magazine and Gabourey Sidibe’s “Close Up”

It’s hard to tell how I should feel about this.  Elle recently published their 25th Anniversary Issue, and chose 4 covers from  25 “cpvr worthy subjects.”.  Gabourey Sidibe was chosen as one of the four covers, which should make us all pretty happy; it’s nice to see a plus size woman on the cover of […]

“Rock What You’ve Got”- a book about self-image

This book, targeted at young women, was written by Katherine Schwarzenegger, who is none other than  the daughter of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former NBC News correspondent Maria Shriver. In Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty, Katherine encourages women to be proud of who they are.  The book, which […]

The Adipositivity Project- awesome!

I was really excited to come across Adipositivity this weekend.  It’s a collection of images by artist Substantia Jones that features common situations seen through the lens of plus size people.  According to their website, this is their mission: The Adipositivity Project aims to promote size acceptance, not by listing the merits of big people, […]

Nikki Blonsky Rocks More Each Day

ABC Family’s hit show “Huge” star Nikki Blonsky won’t let her weight or Hollywood’s obsession with weight get her down. In an interview with Fox 411 last week about maintaining a healthy self image, Blonsky said, “Pick out the great things that you love about yourself. Whether it be your personality or jokes, whatever it […]

New York Times Article “Plus-Size Wars”

The New York times recently published this article about the plus size fashion industry.  One of the things that made me annoyed about this article was the discussion of fit among plus size clothing and plus size lingerie.  It explains that many retailers choose not to carry plus size items because the dimensions of a woman […]

Girls Scouts’ New PSA About Weight and Body Image

In light of my love for ABC Family’s Huge, I’m really glad to see that the Girl Scouts have recently started using this Public Service Announcement about weight. For one thing, they use plus size models in the commercial (including Lizzie Miller, who posed nude for Glamour last year), which really underscores the message of the […]