Her Videos are called ‘A Fat Girl Dancing’

And She Can Dance

Whitney Thore -Misty Felde Photography

Whitney Way Thore is taking the internet by storm with her ‘A Fat Girl Dancing’ videos. Her love of dance started at a young age, but as her weight increased over the years, she gave it up. This lead to a decrease in self-confidence, self-doubt, eating disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and waves of depression. […]

You’re FAT: Now what?

Here’s a great post from Daily Venus Diva’s Limarie Lewis: Whoever said that “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” lied.  Words hurt sometimes more than a blow to the face.   Even though  we are starting to see more plus sized women in commercials, movies and in magazines, we […]

Plus Size Model Speaks Out– Anorexic Model Dead

In 2007, Plus Size Model Nancy Hayssen posed nude, weighing 169 pounds in the controversial anti-anorexia billboard ad featured in Times Square, NYC – alongside an anorexic model weighing barely 59 pounds.  The combination shocked the world. Now, that anorexic model is dead at 28 years old. Isabelle Caro was the face of the world-famous […]

Plus size women make less money

This is crazy.  Fat men and skinny women make more money than thin men or plus size women, according to new joint research out of the University of Florida and the London Business School. Women who weigh 25 pounds less than their group norm earn about $16,000 more per year, while women 25 or more […]

Fat people are…

Thanks to Google Instant, we can now easily see what people search for on the internet.  Nothing like a search engine to show us honestly what the public thinks about.  And, sugaredvenom recently discovered, the public doesn’t think much about fat people.  This “game” gets pretty quickly depressing when you look at her results.  Her […]