Size discrimination statistics you won’t believe!

When AboutCurves first started talking about sponsoring the Lingerie Loves Your Curves charity blogathon, we were swapping stories around the office about ways that companies make money by sabotaging our self-esteem: diet pills promising magical results; Groupons for liposuction when the diet pills don’t work; body shapers when the liposuction just makes you feel fat […]

Lingerie Loves Your Curves Shout Outs, Part Two!

Yesterday I shared some of the Lingerie Loves Your Curves charity blogathon posts others have shared with us in my plus size community shout outs. Today, I want to keep spreading the love and reflecting on the things I’m learning from reading about others’ journeys to self acceptance and learning new techniques to help spread […]

Lingerie Loves Your Curves Kicks Off Monday!

We are so excited about all of the buzz we’ve created about our upcoming Lingerie Loves Your Curves Size Acceptance Charity Drive- and we’re ready to create even more! If you’re not sure how you can get involved, here are some simple ways you can help: Read our blog over the next few weeks to […]

Self Acceptance: You Are Not Good Enough (or so they tell you)

I got a Groupon this morning for “Eight Slimming Lipocontour Treatments” for $249. It made me start thinking about how difficult self-acceptance is when I am constantly bombarded with messages that I am not beautiful enough, skinny enough, smooth enough. Self-esteem can be really hard to maintain, especially when these advertisements work on my self-conscious, […]

Size Acceptance and Self Esteem: Lingerie Loves Your Curves!

In case you’re not connected to us through Facebook or Twitter, you might not know about this AWESOME blogging charity campaign we have coming up in just a few weeks!  I’m SO excited about it (already composing my size acceptance blog posts in my head) and I would love it if everyone got involved- the […]

Love Your Curves Spotlight: Curves and Chaos

As we gear up for our size acceptance charity drive, Lingerie Loves Your Curves, we’ll highlight some of the people and companies who are joining us in the fight for size acceptance and self-esteem. Today, we’re going to highlight a post from one of my favorite bloggers, Monique of Curves and Chaos. Monique recently wrote […]

Lingerie Loves Your Curves: Size Acceptance Charity Drive

We’re really thrilled to announce Lingerie Loves Your Curves, our upcoming Size Acceptance Charity Drive. Every day, women are bombarded with messages that we are not beautiful enough. AboutCurves is fighting back and we need your help!  From August 8-21, we will sponson a “blogathon” dedicated to size acceptance and self-acceptance based on the philosophy […]