Size discrimination statistics you won’t believe!

When AboutCurves first started talking about sponsoring the Lingerie Loves Your Curves charity blogathon, we were swapping stories around the office about ways that companies make money by sabotaging our self-esteem: diet pills promising magical results; Groupons for liposuction when the diet pills don’t work; body shapers when the liposuction just makes you feel fat […]

Plus Model Robyn Lawley on the Cover of French Elle

I was excited to see that Australian plus model Robyn Lawley is on the cover of this month’s French Elle magazine. The more plus models are in the spotlight, the more size acceptance we should expect from culture as a whole. Lawley is 6’2”, and started off in the modelling industry as a size 6.  […]

New magazine for curvy women

A new magazine was recently launched in the UK called “Beautiful” and it’s all about size acceptance (hooray!).  The woman who started the magazine, Sue Thomason, has vowed to only use real-size models in her magazine. In an interview with the website for her UK hometown, Cheshire, Thomason says, “Many images in the media make […]

Elle Magazine and Gabourey Sidibe’s “Close Up”

It’s hard to tell how I should feel about this.  Elle recently published their 25th Anniversary Issue, and chose 4 covers from  25 “cpvr worthy subjects.”.  Gabourey Sidibe was chosen as one of the four covers, which should make us all pretty happy; it’s nice to see a plus size woman on the cover of […]

May cover of Glamour- how curvy is plus size?

May’s cover of Glamour magazine features the headline “Curvy?  Skinny?  It’s All Good!”  The photo shows three bikini-clad models: Alessandra Ambrosio, Brookylyn Decker, and Crystal Renn.  While I’m glad they avoided the term “plus size” on the cover, the photo demonstrates that Crystal (the token  “plus size model” in the photo) doesn’t look that different […]

Add jewelry and shoes to complete your look!

So a common problem we have is being able to find jewelry and shoes that fit.  First, it’s tough to have chubby fingers or wide wrists and to be able to wear jewelry.  Marie Claire recently posted an article titled Best Jewelry Picks that provides some good answers. Jewelry can be a great way to add […]

An interesting take on the plus sizes in fashion debate

As we’ve blogged about for a month now, the curvy issue of V Magazine has the media aflutter.  Everyone’s taking a stand on the issue, and many people have expressed reservations. Emili Vesilind at the Los Angeles Times worries that the issue exploits plus size women (or the “super-plus-size models” as she calls them). Erika […]

Another Teaser from V Magazine

In the last post, we all got our first glance at V Magazine’s ‘One Size Fits All’ editorial featuring Crystal Renn and Jacquelyn Jablonski. The debate over what message the magazine was trying to send was debated for days around the office. Now V Magazine has released a second editorial from the forthcoming issue entitled […]

Does One Size Fit All?

V Magazine is getting ready to publish an issue with a piece titled “One Size Fits All,” where each double-page spread features a “skinny” model on the left with a “plus size” model on the right wearing the same outfit.  When I first saw it, I was impressed.  The intention, I think, is good– to show that women […]