Size discrimination statistics you won’t believe!

When AboutCurves first started talking about sponsoring the Lingerie Loves Your Curves charity blogathon, we were swapping stories around the office about ways that companies make money by sabotaging our self-esteem: diet pills promising magical results; Groupons for liposuction when the diet pills don’t work; body shapers when the liposuction just makes you feel fat […]

Size Acceptance on television

I’ve been catching up on my television recently, and I’ve noticed a trend of fatness as the source of funniness or humiliation.  On Community, for example, Jeff names another character “Fat Neil,” a nickname that makes Neil really depressed, so Jeff and the gang befriend him to cheer him up.  When the truth comes out, […]

Plus Size Fashion Show a Success!

For the first time ever, New York Fashion Week got a full dose of reality with a plus-size-only runway show hosted by , a company that sells plus-size clothing for full-figured women sizes 12 to 44. While I wish this fashion show had been hosted by multiple designers, it’s still a step in the […]

Interview with “Huge” Creator Savannah Dooley

No wonder I love “Huge.”  The creator, Savannah Dooley, is not only a plus size woman, she’s the daughter of “My So Called Life” creator Winnie Holzman.  That makes sense- I see the same kind of emotional honesty about being a teenager on both of those shows (reasons why they’re among my favorites), and “Huge” […]

More on the “Plus Size Wars”

So I’ve continued to be bothered by the New York Times’ article Plus Size Wars that I blogged about earlier this week.  The author’s tone, while characteristically snarky of the New York Times, seemed to belittle the problems plus size women face when shopping.  I decided the first thing I needed to do was find a picture of the author– […]

New York Times Article “Plus-Size Wars”

The New York times recently published this article about the plus size fashion industry.  One of the things that made me annoyed about this article was the discussion of fit among plus size clothing and plus size lingerie.  It explains that many retailers choose not to carry plus size items because the dimensions of a woman […]

Reason 5: Visibility

I’ve been counting down the Top 5 Reasons Plus Size Women Should Love the Internet.  So far, I’ve talked about community, shopping, information, and bloggers.  My final reason puts all of these together: Visibility.  Simply put, without the internet, we’d just be a bunch of women who had been told by the media that we were […]