Her Videos are called ‘A Fat Girl Dancing’

And She Can Dance

Whitney Thore -Misty Felde Photography

Whitney Way Thore is taking the internet by storm with her ‘A Fat Girl Dancing’ videos. Her love of dance started at a young age, but as her weight increased over the years, she gave it up. This lead to a decrease in self-confidence, self-doubt, eating disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and waves of depression. […]

Chub Rub

A Painful Secret

A couple of weeks ago, a group of us were having brunch when someone brought up the subject of “chub rub”.  It’s when your thighs rub together and the friction causes such a burning sensation that you think you’re on fire.  And, it’s not just your thighs.  It can also happen on your inner arms.  […]

Plus Size Pajamas For A Cool Look This Summer

No More T-Shirts

When you’re looking for beautiful plus size lingerie, you know you can find it at About Curves.   We offer elegant styles to make those nights of passion even better.  However, don’t forget about all the other nights of the week.  You will also find fabulous plus size pajamas that are perfect for the BBW woman. […]

Teen Girl Fights For Untouched Photos

Seventeen Magazine Agrees

In April of last year, eighth-grader Julia Bluhm started a campaign to stop the teen magazine from airbrushing photos used in their magazine.  She started a petition on Change.org after hearing many of her fellow teens in her ballet class complain about their weight.  It called for Seventeen Magazine to run one unaltered photo spread […]

H&M’s Swimsuit Catalog Features Jennie Runk

H & M did something outstanding this year.  They chose plus size model Jennie Runk to represent their swimwear in the 2013 catalog and marketing campaign.  She’s photographed sporting a variety of beachwear such as swimsuits, sarongs, bikinis and cover-ups. What’s amazing is that they did the photo shoot, put together their catalog and marketing […]

Dare Magazine

New Magazine For The Stylish Woman

Searching the internet for blogging inspiration, I came across a fantastic new plus size magazine.  Dare Magazine is the work of fourth year Ryerson University student Diana Di Poce.  She is in the Fashion Communications program and launched the magazine as her final project. With a target market of women size 12-plus, they have done […]

Is Your Relationship In Need Of A Makeover?

Tips To Breath New Life Into It

If you’ve been in your relationship for a while, chances are you’re probably past the honeymoon stage.  Just because you no longer get the tingles every time you see their name come up on your phone, doesn’t mean the love is gone.  However, even the most love-filled relationships can go stale over time.  Here are […]

Abercrombie & Fitch Feels The Heat

And It’s Not From Their Models

Abercrombie & Fitch has always been known for their advertising.  Their magazine ads, billboards and gigantic photos used throughout their stores always feature the hottest of the hot, half naked bodies.  With over a billion dollars in sales last year, they’ve done an amazing job using sex appeal to sell clothes. There is controversy stemming […]

Are You Bathing Suit Ready?

Tips To Help You Get There

Spring is in full swing and summer time is fast approaching.  For many, this means weddings, BBQ’s and trips to the shore.  Are you bathing suit ready?  Whether you want to lose two pounds or twenty, AboutCurves has some tips to help you on your journey. Tip #1 – Set a goal and post it […]