Review of Our Fabulous Black Teddy

Last week, reviewed Our Fabulous Black Teddy, and we’re thrilled to see that another of our plus size lingerie items got a score of 10/10!  Here’s what the reviewer had to say: “About Curves’ classic black teddy called “Our Fabulous Teddy” lets you release your inner vixen. This satiny black teddy is like the […]

Fall for Fall Colors

I’ve been catching up with Project Runway (one of my favorite shows) and I was happy to see the most recent episode discuss the hot colors for fall.  Here’s a selection of our plus size lingerie in the four hottest color trends for fall: Animal Prints: We have several animal print items, including a plus […]

New Product Spotlight: Riveting Vinyl Teddy

Here’s on of our new products that’s already flying off our shelves- our Riveting Vinyl Teddy.  If you’ve never tried vinyl before, it’s very soft against the skin, and the shiny side is slick and sticky– it’s a great sensation for people who like to touch.  Vinyl stretches, too, so you always have a shape-hugging […]

Why you should experiment with color

You know, I’m tired of everyone telling plus size women to wear black because it makes you look thinner.  What matters is the fit of what you’re wearing.  We’ve all read before about how to accentuate differently shaped-bodies– pears, apples, hourglass– and we all know what our best features are!  The key is to dress your own body […]