Teen Girl Fights For Untouched Photos

Seventeen Magazine Agrees

In April of last year, eighth-grader Julia Bluhm started a campaign to stop the teen magazine from airbrushing photos used in their magazine.  She started a petition on Change.org after hearing many of her fellow teens in her ballet class complain about their weight.  It called for Seventeen Magazine to run one unaltered photo spread each month.  She was able to collect over 80,000 signatures worldwide.  They also demonstrated outside the corporate offices of Hearst, which own the magazine.

After receiving a barrage of correspondence from young women, editor-in-chief  Ann Shoket invited Julia to a meeting to discuss the situation.  In July, they put out a new policy statement on the magazine’s photo enhancements.

The New York Times reports that while Shoket stresses the magazine “never has, never will” digitally alter the body or face shapes of its models, her editor’s letter in the upcoming August issue will reaffirm its commitment. Skolet writes that the entire Seventeen staff has signed an eight-point Body Peace Treaty promising not to alter natural shapes and include only images of “real girls and models who are healthy.”

“This is a huge victory, and I’m so unbelievably happy,” Julia writes on her online petition page.

The ability to have realistic models in magazines is so important, especially for young girls.  Whether it’s those adorable freckles or that scar above the eye, they need to see those flaws that make every one of us unique.

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