Tim Gunn Fights For Us

We Need More Voices Like His

Tim GunnTim Gunn is once again using his voice and his clout to fight for the plus-size community.  He is appalled at the lack of stylish, plus-size clothing.

“When I’m working in the real world with real women and we’re shopping, we find that fashion seems to end when you get any larger than a size 12,” Gunn told The Huffington Post. “How ridiculous is that?”

Tim, who has been a mentor on Project Runway for twelve seasons, goes on to tell about the frustration he feels when the designers do the “real women” challenges on the show.  He tries to help designers to become more open minded about producing clothes beyond the runway.

“I’ve had my own moments in front of designers when I’ve actually said, ‘You know, there’s a market here for expanding your work, and here it is,'” Gunn told us. “And frankly, there are two markets: The women who are larger than the 12, and then there are women who are petite. And most designers that I talk to have absolutely no interest in addressing either of those populations, which I find repugnant.”

It’s amazing to me that stores and designers don’t expand the sizes in order to sell to me.  I’ve heard all the arguments. The most infuriating excuse is that they say it costs more to produce plus-size clothing.  The manufactures need to use more material, thread, buttons, etc. and they say all those things add up.  To make it cost effective they would have to charge more for the larger clothes.  Retailers and designers are afraid that we would be offended to have to pay more.

There may be some that would take offense, but if you think about it, we already pay more.  We can’t find what we need in stores, so we have to shop online.  That means we have to pay shipping, which is $10 to $20 added to every order.  How great would it be to be able to go to the mall and find what we need like everybody else.

We, as a community and the buying public, need to keep raising our voices to be heard.  We want high quality, high fashion,  and well designed clothes.  The designers need to know we have money to spend and are willing to spend it.  Ours is as good as anyone else’s.

Excerpts from The Huffington Post

Photo via Project Runway

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