Why Not Plus Size Barbie?

Tattoo Barbie is here.  Tokidoki was created by Italian born designer, Simone Legno, and is inspired by Japanese art and anime.  She sports pink hair, leopard leggings, high heels, and edgy tattoo’s on her upper body.  And, she never goes anywhere without her cactus-covered pet named Bastardino.

Her style is definitely cutting edge and modern.  Many are asking if this is the message that we want to send to young girls.  Will young girls play with Tokidoki and want tattoos also? Yes, that is possible, but you have to ask yourself if this product is age appropriate for your child.  These dolls are meant to be collectables.  You, as a parent, would have to introduce the doll to them.  You won’t be at your local toy store, with your kids, and randomly come across these dolls.

However, in today’s world, body art is a huge trend.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, one in four Americans ages 18 to 50 now has at least one tattoo.  This means that there is a good chance that the child has a parent with a tattoo.  You could make the argument that your children see tattoos on people all the time. When they see real people with a tattoo and then play with Tokidoki, they might not even think twice about the tattoo.  It may just seem normal to them. You have to be able to talk with your child, because just like on the doll, a real tattoo does not come off.

Now, what about a plus size Barbie.  When doing research for this blog, I Googled “plus size Barbie” and found a horrible image.  It shows an overweight Barbie alone in her bedroom with soda cans and to-go food everywhere.  The image perpetuates the myth that overweight women have no friends and all they do is eat junk food.  This is not the message that we should send out to young kids.  We are not sloths and loners!

There is a huge opportunity to make a positive role model out of a plus size Barbie.  Design her with realistic curves and doing real activities.  There could be “Professional Plus Size Barbie”.  The job ideas are endless.  She could be anything from a retail clerk to a high powered executive.  Plus size women are already doing almost every job out there.  And, don’t forget that we’re active.  We play sports and  go out dancing with our friends.  The scenarios are already out there.  We just need to show the plus size Barbie doing them.

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