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Security Policy

Because we understand and share your concerns about security, we work to keep our site a highly secure ordering environment so you can shop with confidence.

The Secure Order Process

What if I make a purchase with a browser that doesn't support security?
You can't. Because we don't want you ever to have to worry about ordering from our site without a secure connection, we've designed our system so that it will process orders only with browsers that support secure mode. Please note that the latest versions of Netscape's and Microsoft's browsers have security features, and both are free for downloading. Visit either company's Web site for details.

What is a CVV code and why is it required? CVV code stands for Card Verification Value Code. The CVV code is a security feature for "card not present" transactions (e.g., Internet transactions), and now appears on most (but not all) major credit and debit cards. This new feature is a three- or four-digit code which provides a cryptographic check of the information embossed on the card. Therefore, the CVV code is not part of the card number itself.

The CVV code helps verify that the customer placing the order actually possesses the credit/debit card and that the card account is legitimate in order to protect you against fraudulent purchases on your account. Each credit card company has its own name for the CVV code, but it functions the same for all major card types (VISA refers to the code as CVV2, MasterCard calls it CVC2, and American Express calls it CID). For help finding your CVV code, refer to the picture below.

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