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Plum Flirty Lace Nightgown

Plum Flirty Lace Nightgown
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Price: $29.99




  • Plus size lingerie with daring lace panels to trace your curves
  • Low-cut round neckline to accentuate your cleavage
  • Unexpected, sexy style

Lavish yourself with lace! Let the soft plum fabric surround your body, giving a teasing hint of your curves. Smooth straps meet at the round low-cut neckline, giving you a look of simple grace and elegance. Two sexy see-through lace panels run the length of this easy-care nylon gown. This plus size gown is daring, tantalizing, and pleasing to touch. Bring elegance and excitement into your life - look and feel great in Plum Flirty Lace tonight! This gown is approximately 56 long.