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Company Background

About Curves: Company Background


When About Curves first began, there were very few options available to women whose bodies or tastes weren't flattered by the lingerie sold in malls. As the nation has started to accept the reality that the average woman in America is a size 16, more options have become available, but About Curves still offers the most styles of plus size lingerie online. From bustiers to babydolls, chemises to gowns, About Curves strives to offer a variety of products in sizes 1X through 7X.

Every product offered by About Curves has been personally approved by our team of discriminating shoppers. We feel that it's important that women celebrate their bodies in a variety of ways — luxuriating in the feeling of silk against the skin, the playfulness of putting on costumes, the exhilarating daringness of revealing skin. But we also feel it's important not to squeeze women's bodies into outfits that are uncomfortable, disrespectful, or poorly made. So in deciding which items to carry, we treat each item as if we were buying it for ourselves. If our executive team approves the item, then it is passed onto the rest of our team, including our models who wear the item; a majority must agree that they would be proud to wear each piece of lingerie before it appears in our store.

Robin And KC


We, Robin and KC, are the mother and daughter co-owners of About Curves, and even though we are from very different generations, we both have been frustrated with the lack of options available to women who do not fit the "model mold." We both want to be able to feel confident, to show off our sexiness, and to encourage other women to also embrace their physical selves, no matter what they look like.

And so, armed with our individual talents (Robin's incredible ability to develop interpersonal relationships and KC's novice computer language knowledge), we invested our savings into creating a company that would sell the kind of lingerie we wanted to wear.

About Curves initially opened in 2001 as "Your Sexy Threads." As our business expanded, we decided to change our name to better reflect our mission; and so we became all "About Curves."

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