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Lingerie Care

Lingerie Care

Fine lingerie must be treated with appropriate care. This means your lingerie needs to be treated more gently than your regular clothing.

Always read the care label for proper washing instructions. Even if the item is machine washable, the gentle cycle is better and hand-washing is definitely the best method for laundering your lingerie. A hand-washing product like SOAK, which comes in Aquae and Citrus scents, is superior to regular detergent because it is formulated to be milder on the fabric. For sensitive skin, use Scentless SOAK Lingerie Wash.

  • Use a mesh bag or mesh cage when washing lingerie in a machine.
  • Clasp all hooks prior to washing. This will prevent them from becoming twisted, or tangled, and the wires from breaking during washing cycles.
  • If your garment has removable details, like bows, remove them when you wash the garment.
  • Do not twist or wring your lingerie. Instead, soak items in a sink with cold water and product like SOAK for 15 minutes. Gently squeeze suds through items, and rinse with more cold water.
  • Then blot items with a towel and lay flat to dry.

Avoid heavy-duty stain removal products including soaking agents and bleaches. These will reduce the life of your fine lingerie.

And never, ever, dry your delicates in the dryer. Always lay them flat on a towel until dry. If you must use the dryer, set the controls on delicate.

With the proper care your lingerie will remain gossamer-soft and in perfect shape for a long time to come.

Tip: Rotate your bras. Bras do not need to be laundered after every wearing, but you should try not to wear a bra two days in a row. A bra needs a day of rest after wearing to return to its original fit; wearing one bra constantly puts a lot of stress on the fabrics and causes it to rapidly stretch out of shape and to lose its fit.