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Our Thanks

Our Thanks

About Curves: Our Thanks

Our Thanks to the People Who Made About Curves Possible

We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with some amazing and talented people who help us to realize our visions at About Curves.

Without Pamela Hazelton, there would be no web site for you to visit. She is a brilliant web designer and we are so proud to call her our Webmistress. Our photographers, Jeff Coleman, Bill Collier, Tania Quintanilla, and Prima Parsons, have fantastic vision, and they always make our plus size models look their best. We are also indebted to Jamie Hanson, Irina Sapojnik Coleman and Chad Larson for their incredible ability to transform hair and makeup.

We are so grateful for our fantastic models, who confidently celebrate their curves in front of the camera so that you can see what each item looks like on a real woman. We offer our heartfelt thanks to Raquel, Sharyn, Erin, Megan, Karen, Carrie, Kate, Pasha, Dorothy, Jese, Connie, Stephanie, Anna, Tamieka, Dani, Heather, Chantelle, Sarah, Segan, Michele, Jenna, Amanda, Olga, and Mandy.

Our Thanks to Our Customers!

And we thank you! Without you, of course, we would not be here. We thank you for visiting About Curves and shopping with us. We thank you for telling your curvy friends that there is a web site out there just for them.

Most of all, we thank you because just by being you, you help us tell the women of the world:

"Celebrate Your Curves!"

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