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AboutCurves.com, a Retailer of Plus Size Lingerie, Announces Model Search for 2010 Photo Shoot AboutCurves.com, a online retailer of plus size lingerie, announces a model search for their 2010 photo shoot to be held near Baltimore, Maryland. The photo shoot will include new lingerie products as well as items from their exclusive Signature Collection.

Middle River, MD May 03, 2010 AboutCurves.com has always prided itself on using photos of "real women" with real plus size bodies on their website. If you're a woman who would enjoy modeling beautiful plus size lingerie you'll want mark your calendar for June 6, 2010, when they will continue the tradition by hosting a photo shoot near Baltimore, Maryland.

To prepare for the June photo shoot, the company is now accepting applications from plus size women who would like to model. The shoot will be directed by owners Robin Bryan-Culver and KC Culver and will feature a professional photographer, professional hair and makeup, and several assistants to help the models dress.

The shoot will focus on new plus size lingerie that they will be adding to their store, as well as some from their exclusive Signature Collection and updating photos of some older intimate apparel products. The online store now offers over 300 different products, including traditional babydolls, plus size corsets and bustiers, nightgowns, bodystockings, chemises, camisole sets, and teddies, as well as robe sets and plus size wedding lingerie. A new expanded line also includes costumes, body products, feather products, and shoes.

Owner Robin Bryan-Culver says, “We always look forward to these photo shoots, because we get to see how our new items look on different plus size women. And the women we use as models love trying on all the different lingerie. Many of them have never modeled before.” In the past, AboutCurves.com has used women from a wide range of professions, including a teacher, a banker, a graduate student, and a corporate COO. They also accept applications from aspiring plus size models.

Models must be at least 18 years old and at least a size 16; the company prefers women who fit into the 1X-2X range and are at least 5’7”. Models selected for the event will receive TFP plus additional compensation based on experience. No travel provided, so models should live in the Maryland area.

Women interested in applying should send in a head shot, a full body shot, and information including name, age, dress size, height, previous experience, and current location to models(at)aboutcurves(dot)com.

Photographs from previous photoshoots are available at the website, www.aboutcurves.com. You can also find more there about the kinds of lingerie and garments that will be modeled.

AboutCurves.com Launches Redesigned Blog and Social Media Presence
About Curves.com, plus size lingerie retailer, has launched their redesigned blog aimed at the plus size community. The company is also expanding into Facebook and Twitter by offering special sales and promotions to their fans and followers.

Middle River, MD December 10, 2009 AboutCurves.com is excited to announce the launch of its redesigned blog and social media presence. According to partner Robin Bryan Culver, “Since the company has recently updated its website, it made sense to also update the social media tools we use to connect with our customers.” The blog is called "The Curvy Angle."

In addition to a redesigned blog, AboutCurves.com has launched a Twitter account (username about_curves) and a Facebook page to better interact with their customers.

The redesigned blog will feature thoughts on the plus size community in today's society, including health, fashion, beauty, and social issues, as well as providing an insider’s look into new products and trends the company has to offer.

Partner KC Culver explains: “Since we are dedicated to our customers, we want to revolutionize social media from a business perspective--instead of only featuring new products and business news, the blog, Facebook, and Twitter will give us the opportunity to really connect with the plus size community and talk about the triumphs and trials of being above average.”

Plus Size Lingerie Company AboutCurves.com Shows Increased Revenue
For Second Year Straight

Despite economic weakness, one mother-daughter company has steadily increased revenue for two years running. This online company, AboutCurves.com, exclusively sells plus size lingerie. There are several possible reasons for their success in this economic environment.

Middle River, MD November 10, 2009 In an economic environment where many businesses are posting record losses, one company has seen consistent increases in revenue for the past two years: About Curves. This small, female-owned family company sells plus size lingerie on the internet. And sales have been hot, hot, hot.

In fact, so far this year, the company is showing a 24% increase in revenue over 2008. And 2008 showed a 36% increase in revenue from 2007.

How is that possible? Partner Robin Bryan Culver suspects that with the economic downturn, one reason the company has seen such an increase is because couples have been having date night at home instead of going out. “A night of dinner and a movie can easily cost a couple $100. Getting take-out, renting a DVD, and wearing a new piece of lingerie while you cuddle on the couch costs only $70 by comparison.”

But couples deciding to focus their romance at home doesn’t account for this company’s increase completely. In fact, lingerie dynasty Victoria’s Secret posted a 10% loss in net sales for quarters 1 and 2 in 2009 over their 2008 figures. And during the same period in 2008, net sales only increased 3% over 2007.

Partner KC Culver, who is also Robin’s daughter, thinks size acceptance factors into their success. “People are beginning to realize that if the average woman in the US is a size 16, then a size 16 can be beautiful. Women are becoming more comfortable with their bodies as they are, instead of constantly feeling like they should hide any fat rolls or stretchmarks.” The expansion of the plus size market might make About Curves a more mainstream company.

But, as Robin Bryan Culver argues, being a small business can also be a plus in a recession. “Because we are a family company, we are able to provide individual attention to our customers, giving them that special touch that makes them return customers.” In fact, one of the special touches that About Curves provides is that packages are always gift wrapped so that the recipient can feel like they are opening a present.

Both partners are proud to work hard for a business that meets their customers’ needs. And it’s clear that customers like About Curves, as the numbers show.

AboutCurves.com Launches New Website Design to Help Customers Worldwide

Baltimore, MD March 31, 2009 AboutCurves.com, plus size lingerie experts, announced the launch of their redesigned website, www.aboutcurves.com. The site features many new improvements. A secure one-page checkout allows shoppers to purchase items with confidence and ease, while a streamlined loyalty program makes it easier for customers to get rewards for shopping. In addition, the website includes social features to engage the plus size community, and an updated design that reflects the company's philosophy.

The new site features Power Search, which allows customers to search by color, by feature, and by size. In conjunction with real time inventory, the Power Search only finds products that are currently in stock and ready to ship. This indicates the company's dedication to customer service, as Robin Bryan Culver, partner for AboutCurves.com, explains: "With our new site, a customer can search for something in purple with underwire in a size 3X, and every product we show them can be at their door in two days. We believe it's important not to show our customers products that are out of stock or not available in their size."

The expanded Wish List feature allows customers to save their favorite products and, if they choose, make the list available to friends and family. "We have a lot of bridal customers, so the Wish List if perfect for a bridal shower," states KC Culver, Robin's partner. "We also know that men aren't always the best at picking out lingerie. With the Wish List, a woman can pick out the items she likes in the sizes she wants and send that list via e-mail. That way, her lover can pick something from the list, and be romantic while taking out the guesswork."

The community-focused site offers a blog, which allows customers to discuss plus size life and keep up with company news, as well as a special section dedicated exclusively to men, to help them choose the perfect piece of lingerie.

"Our new website is more streamlined and user-friendly, and really serves as a model for what customers expect when they shop online," says Bryan Culver. "With the new AboutCurves.com, customers will be able to stay up-to-date on new products and trends, services and company news, and have a better understanding of About Curves' mission."

The site also features a growing community of links to a number of related websites, which should reflect the interests of an increasingly global customer base.

The website remains consistent with About Curves' tradition of customer focus, and its commitment to the communities it serves.

Date Night in the New Economy

"Why go out when it's much more fun to stay in?" Online plus size lingerie retailer AboutCurves.com discusses a trend growing in popularity: couples choosing to stay at home instead of going out for date night.

Baltimore, MD January 29, 2009 -- KC Culver, co-owner of AboutCurves.com, an online plus size lingerie retailer, sums up date night in the new economy: "Why go out when it's much more fun to stay in?"

With so many jobs at risk in this struggling economy, couples everywhere are pinching pennies. Restaurant spending has decreased and couples are going to the movie theater less often, bringing to light a new trend: couples are staying home and enjoying each other on their date night.

Economic indicators show that while consumer spending is down in most sectors, grocery sales are increasing. And with movie rental programs like Netflix increasing in popularity, there is a new model being created for how couples spend quality time together.

KC Culver talks about her own experience: "My boyfriend and I can easily spend $80 in one night if we go out for dinner and a movie." By comparison, at home, couples usually spend about $15 in grocery and movie rental costs.

"By making dinner together, we get to be creative and have fun at the same time," she continues, "plus there's the added benefit of being able to snuggle on the couch while we watch the movie."

Robin Bryan Culver, KC's partner in AboutCurves.com, notes that at their online store, business reflects the move from a restaurant to the living room. "Because many couples are choosing to stay at home, they're spicing up their dates with a new piece of lingerie or a costume." She notes that lingerie has the value-added benefit of being able to be worn again and again.

And even when the economy rebounds, the trend of staying home for date night might not end. According to a 2008 study, hugging, kissing, and other physical intimacy is one of the most powerful stress-relievers. Looks like staying at home is not just better for the pocketbook, but it may be the key to happy and healthy psychological well-being.

About The Company:

About Curves was started in 2001 by a mother-daughter team who were frustrated by the lack of options available to women who do not fit the "model mold." Their mission is to provide women with the ability to feel sexy and to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to celebrate their curves.

Every product offered by About Curves is personally approved by a team of discriminating shoppers, and then modeled by plus size women in About Curves' very own photo shoots. The owners pride themselves on their insistence that women should not be made to squeeze their bodies into outfits that are uncomfortable, disrespectful, or poorly made.

The webstore now offers over 300 different products. The line includes traditional lingerie, including plus size babydolls, plus size bustiers, plus size gowns, plus size chemises, plus size camisole and pajama sets, and plus size teddies, as well as specializing in plus size robe sets and plus size bridal lingerie. The new expanded line also includes private label items, plus size costumes, body products, feather products, and shoes.


Web-based retailer, AboutCurves.com is preparing to debut a private label line, beginning with a chemise and a gown in jewel tones of purple, magenta, and black.

The company reports the private label line features items with the best of both comfort and sex appeal with a stretch lace bodice that provides great support and a jersey knit skirt that feels great against the skin.

"I think that this will continue to be a trend in lingerie--finding new ways to make sexy lingerie that's ultra-comfortable," said co-owner KC Culver. "Women are realizing that we don't need to sacrifice comfort to look incredible and that being comfortable does not preclude looking sexy."

Owners Robin Culver and KC Culver are a mother and daughter team, and even though they are from very different generations, they share a mutual frustration with the lack of options available to women who do not fit the "model mold."

Best sellers have been items with shimmer and those with metallic tones; bright colors in hot pink and rich purple have also sold well.

Looking to the future, the company will continue to abide by the philosophy that all women are beautiful and should celebrate their curves.

About Curves offers products in sizes 1X through 7X. Their new private label will increase their size range to 7X. For more information, visit www.aboutcurves.com

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